The EEG Foundation: Our Mission and Vision

EEG Family and Early Learner Foundation "The EEG Foundation" is changing the way communities solve complex challenges and issues. We determine the root causes of issues and build strategic networks to create pathways to solutions. We create networks of networks that empower families and communities to achieve sustainable success through education, applied research, non-violent opportunity zones, and mixed-use community centers.

The EEG Foundation makes the most positive impact and difference in our communities by investing and supporting transformative ideas, delivering family solutions, and providing wrap-around services for underserved communities.

Our Work and Momentum

Since the inception of Education Equity Group, we have impacted thousands of families and learners in diverse communities. Our improved communities begin with placing people and families at the center (and through educational opportunities, we believe), connecting our EEG stakeholders with ongoing, consistent, persistent, personalized care that strategically addresses our challenges.

The Education Equity Group Foundation

Our People
We seek to address problems with forward-leaning long term solutions. Our people and communities we serve are devoted to results-oriented approaches.
Our Processes
Our coordinated processes and connections maximize resources, human capital, and potential to improve outcomes and address the needs of our stakeholders.
Our Impact
The greater community, schools, families and early learners are life partners. Our networks and relationships are critical for success.

A Collective Action Network of Partners

We build strategic partnerships across industries, organizations, and institutions to create sophisticated support networks to drive educational equity throughout the United States, support families and early learners, and improve living conditions underserved communities.

Donate Today and Participate in the Gift of Giving

Want to change the world? At The EEG Foundation, we’re doing just that. When you give to our cause, you create new opportunities for those with the greatest need.

Recent Activity From Our Generous Donors

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